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Ian Faquini & Rebecca Kleinmann - Brasiliense

"Ian is a remarkably gifted composer/guitarist and in Rebecca’s flute his conceptions have the ultimate empathetic blend...The duo is a joy to hear at length, as the mutual respect evident in their artistic kinship and the balance of deep preparation with the unaffected abandon to go wherever the moment leads, to laugh and trust one another, is the very stuff which disarm and free a listener’s mind to be transported and healed." 
    - Pianist Benny Green 

"Ian Faquini delivers a preternaturally mature recording debut on this collaboration with the captivating Rio de Janeiro vocalist Paula Santoro...The resulting album sounds like the rediscovery of a precious forgotten back page from the Brazilian songbook."

     - Andrew Gilbert, San Jose Mercury News



Natalie Cressman & Ian Faquini - An Old Fashioned Christmas (2023)

Natalie Cressman & Ian Faquini - Auburn Whisper (2022)

Natalie Cressman & Ian Faquini - Setting Rays Of Summer (2019)

Ian Faquini & Paula Santoro - Metal Na Madeira (2016)

Ian Faquini & Rebecca Kleinmann - Brasiliense (2014)


Rogerio Santos- No Tempo das Marés (2020) "Uirapuru, o Canto e a Asa" "Contradança" and "Benção de Iansa"

Rebecca Kleinmann - Intuição Verdadeira (2018) - " De Mão Cheia/Lenga-Lenga"

Alberto Americano - Alberto Americano (2018) "Rio-Mar"

Rios e Mangues - Nascentes (2018) - "Rio-Mar" 

Fleurine - Brazilian Dream (2018) "Contradição

Compilation - Novas 3 (2017) - "Galo da Madrugada" 

Sandy Cressman - Entre Amigos (2017) - "Nossa Historia" and " Deixa o Amor Florecer"

Tulio Araújo - Monduland (2017) - "Lenga-Lenga" and "Friday the 13th"

Sarah Cabral - Sarah Cabral (2015) - "Rio-Mar" 

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